We accompany you from planning to commissioning

Project planning

The success of every project starts with the planning. Already in the run-up to a joint project, we analyse in close cooperation with you all the requirements of the processes to be automated. It is important to us to have a function-oriented solution in mind from the very beginning when selecting hardware and software components. In addition to the greatest possible compatibility with the control systems established in your company, we also pay attention to the requirements of the following PLC programming in this phase.

During the course of the project, we will provide you with all the necessary specifications for an economical and modern automation concept. We work in accordance with the GAMP5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) guidelines to support our customers in the pharmaceutical and food industry in the validation of their system landscape.

Conscientious and extensive planning is also important to us with regard to the time after commissioning. Well thought-out planning facilitates the maintenance options of the systems supplied by us over the entire life cycle: Years after delivery, we are still able to carry out software and hardware changes efficiently and quickly.

During the project with your company we work hand in hand with the project participants from your company as well as in-house. All business units involved pay attention to compatibility of the hardware and software used as well as user-friendly user interfaces.

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