When we're working for you, no journey is too far and no language too foreign


GfS is an interdisciplinary ninety-member team of natural scientists, engineers, technicians and business people. This is able to offer you first-class support worldwide.

In the international project business, not only technical qualifications but also linguistic requirements for project participants play a not inconsiderable role. After all, it is a matter of being able to coordinate important technical issues smoothly and without any doubt.

We are therefore able to put together project teams with a wide range of language skills according to your linguistic requirements and the requirements of the location. During the projects we are able to communicate with our customers in one of the following languages:

Our employees are able to communicate with you orally and in writing as well as technically experienced and secure. Depending on the project, we select suitable employees for the tasks and language requirements.

In the event of unusual language requirements on site, we can provide expert and technically experienced interpreters if required.