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Electrical Planning

Our qualified team will be pleased to advise you and show you possibilities with which your wishes can be realized, even for difficult problems. Together with you, we plan individual solutions that optimally meet your requirements. For electrical planning, we rely on meaningful and detailed circuit diagrams, which we create with proven and industry-standard programs such as EPLAN P8, EPLAN Pro Panel and EPLAN Fluid.

Switch cabinet in EPLAN

Using EPLAN Pro Panel, we can plan and visualize control cabinets and control systems, even in 3D. 3D geometry data enables us to plan plants faster and more efficiently and gives our customers a first impression of the finished plant.

Older developer tools such as EPLAN 5.7 are also still ready for use with us. As a result, we are able to carry out modernization and conversion measures even for older plants. This is also made possible by decades of storage of the technical data of past projects. On request, we also use other development tools such as AutoCAD.

We can satisfy our customers worldwide by manufacturing CE and UL certified systems.

On request, we also create circuit diagrams without hardware for our customers.